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Flat Sawing Arizona

Sawing horizontal surfaces (slab sawing) has become a very sophisticated process. High powered, lightweight saws have multiplied production rates by 5 times over the last few years. Electric saws permit sawing to be done inside buildings without dangerous fumes. Our flat saws allow us to cut anywher

Floor grinding requires specialized equipment and skill. We can do either wet or dry concrete grinding. When we are asked to use wet concrete grinding it creates some concrete slurry, our operator vacuums the concrete slurry up, leaving the concrete clean and even, ready for use immediately. Concret

Modern vessels and normal deterioration have conspired to force redesign of the Panama Canal locks’ hydraulic systems. Completed last week, the latest retrofit differs from earlier ones in that an outside contractor was called in to use new drilling techniques. When completed 72 year ago, the

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Millions of dollars’ worth of communications and other electronic equipment at risk. Two week time frame? 18 Openings 5’6” by 9’6”? 36 Floor openings 6’ by 10’? Nine Story addition? They called it a re-model for one of the largest communications center in the world. Concrete Coring Inc walked on the

For nearly 50 years the majority of floor grinding was done by scarifying or shot blasting machines, most floor grinding machines and equipment have looked and functioned the same. For those who still believe that these methods are the smartest way of machining a floor, it’s time to think again. At

Wall sawing, sometimes referred to as “track sawing”, can cut precisely plumb, level or beveled edges in shear walls, masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete and metal. Concrete Coring Company commonly uses this versatile controlled demolition method to cut access-ways and


Fast, Flexible and Precise Saw Cutting  Concrete Coring Company Inc. provides a full range of non-explosive, non-destructive controlled sawing methods, including slab sawing, wall sawing and curb cutting. In the hands of our concrete cutting technicians, these techniques are valued for their speed,

Concrete Coring Inc. award winning general contractors and maintenance managers have come to know the speed, precision and flexibility of Concrete Coring Arizona, and our diamond core drilling service. They regularly turn to Concrete Coring Arizona for core drilling… Walls, Ceilings and Concre