Millions of dollars’ worth of communications and other electronic equipment at risk. Two week time frame?

18 Openings 5’6” by 9’6”?
36 Floor openings 6’ by 10’?

Nine Story addition?
They called it a re-model for one of the largest communications center in the world. Concrete Coring Inc walked on the job, the men performed vertical and horizontal cuts using a 30 inch diameter DeBeers diamond segmented type saw blade which made it possible to cut a full depth of 12 inches of reinforced concrete. Using an electric 400 cycle wall saw gave Concrete Coring operator 1400 rpm’s, very little vibration, dust or noise because of the nature of the sensitive communication equipment that was housed in the building.

The 18 openings were for doorways the operators cut them at the exact size so there was no need for patching prior to framing for the remodel, how was all this accomplished?

Vertical cuts the width of the openings were made first, additional vertical cuts sawed between these lines. The horizontal cuts were started at floor level and the opening was then sawed into small blocks by making each succeeding cut 2 inches higher. After sawing was completed the blocks were easily removed, one at a time by means of a cable and a small electric winch, using hand carts to remove the blocks from the building the area was easily swept up leaving the floor undamaged.
The 36 floor openings were for an elevator shaft, they were cut using a high frequency electric slab saw. The power unit was a 20 hp 400 cycle electric motor that turned the 18 inch by .187 inch diamond blade at 1900 rpms. Concrete Coring Inc accomplished all of this in nine days allowing the General Contractor to stay well ahead of the scheduled re-model.

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