Concrete Coring Arizona

  • I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation fo the quality of work done by your firm, and particularly for the quality of your personnel.

  • I take this opportunity to express our appreciation for your cooperation in helping us to maintain a difficult schedule on a most complex project.  Your highly skilled and well trained personnel were monst proficient in the handling of you modern equipment and enabled us to keep the existing units of the Hunting Memorial Hospital com-paratively noise-free and in useful service. A cutting and coring contract which ran into the six figure category was successfully consumated to the satisfaction of all parties concerned.

    Huntington Memorial Hospital

    Project Manager: George Cook
  • I highly regard and recommend for their work performance and service. For many years we have employed heir services almost ex-conclusively in Los Angeles and San Diego Areas and have found them to be very reliable. Their ability to render rapid and dependable service when required has been most outstanding and commendable.


    Superintendent of Construction: Robert E. Manker
  • We at Mid-Pac Electric, Inc. wish to express our appreciation to you and your employees for your excellent performance on Project 0-90-7(2R), extension of Runway 4-R, Honolulu International Airport.  Concrete Coring Company shows a high degree of initiative and helped us to maintain a critical construction schedule.

    Mid-Pac Electric Inc.

    Vice President: Thomas E. Waracka
  • In this day when one hears so many derogatory remarks about the quality of service, it is indeed a pleasure to commend these men on the fine job they did. Their efficiency, industry, and neatness impressed the bank people greatly. I take this opportunity to commend the work that they did for us.


    Regional Service Manager: W.G. MacDonough
  • We have utilized Concrete Coring services on many occasions and would personally recommend their services to other General Contractors.

    H.G. Smith Construction Co.

    Chief Enginner: Ray H. Dibley
  • We take this means to express our appreciation for the manner in which you handled the recent project of cutting the slab and metal decking in the Gulf Building Addition. Your Personnel had a good understanding of the task at hand and proceeded with great dispatch to the completion of the project.

    Gulf Building Corporation

    Building Manager: C.S. Jackson
  • We wish to take this opportunity to thank Concrete Coring Company for their excellent service in drilling and saw cutting of concrete at the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station at San Clemente, California. Your People responded in a prompt and professional manner helping the project to meet the scheduled requirement of our client. An Additional thanks is due your company for the development of the high speed 400Hz Hand Grinders, equipped with a water spray to wash away the cuttings. The cooperation of your company to furnish a service at any hour of the day and night including Saturday and Sunday was appreciated and we hope we can expect the same service in the future.

    Bechtel Power Corporation

    Project Manager: C. Delaplain