Flat Sawing Arizona

001Sawing horizontal surfaces (slab sawing) has become a very sophisticated process. High powered, lightweight saws have multiplied production rates by 5 times over the last few years.

Electric saws permit sawing to be done inside buildings without dangerous fumes.

Our flat saws allow us to cut anywhere from 0-26 inches deep through both asphalt and concrete. Our saws cut with horsepower at an output of 44 to 90 horsepower.

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Concrete Grinding ArizonaFloor grinding requires specialized equipment and skill. We can do either wet or dry concrete grinding.

When we are asked to use wet concrete grinding it creates some concrete slurry, our operator vacuums the concrete slurry up, leaving the concrete clean and even, ready for use immediately.

Concrete grinding is used for trip hazards and un-even slabs of concrete.

147We also offer dry concrete grinding, which can be the perfect method for smoothing interior and exterior concrete slabs. At Concrete Coring Company Arizona you call us and we will be sure to have the quickest, cleanest method required for your grinding needs.



Call us at 602.268.1439 or Toll Free 800.658.4160 or email us at info@concretecoringaz.com or fill out our free online project quote form.

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Modern vessels and normal deterioration have conspired to force redesign of the Panama Canal locks’ hydraulic systems. Completed last week, the latest retrofit differs from earlier ones in that an outside contractor was called in to use new drilling techniques.

When completed 72 year ago, the locks were engineering marvels. The 1,000 foot long x 110 foot wide lock chambers could contain the largest ships of the day. But marine architects have since designed ships with vertical sides that fit so snugly into the lock chambers as to restrict maintenance work.

Major 18 foot diameter culverts run along both sides and under the center wall of the two sets of locks. Lateral culverts carry the water to or from these main culverts, distributing or draining the water from all regions of the chamber at once. The lateral culverts run to either the fill or drain culverts. Since any single main culvert can fill or drain in the chamber, one set of lateral culverts can be plugged to allow maintenance to proceed in its main culvert.

But the technique to block a main culvert inserting mushroom shaped steel caps into the lateral culverts’ week holes, was made obsolete. As the tight fitting canal ships passed through the chambers, they tended to suck the caps out – making maintenance work in a main culvert adjacent to an active lock chamber somewhat nerve-racking with the prospect of a sudden flood imminent.

In 1969, at the Pedro Miguel Lock, the Panama Canal Commission’s (PCC) maintenance division cut slots into the lock floor at the junctions of the lateral and main culverts. Steel frames cemented into the slots allowed canal maintenance crews to easily insert bulkheads that effectively isolated the main culverts from the lock chamber. But drilling out the bulkhead slots was done with rotary percussion track mounted air drills. “It was very noisy, dirty and dusty,” says Herman A. Erhart, Jr., project manager for PCC.

Searching for a new technique to cut the slots, the maintenance division brought in Concrete Coring Company to drill the holes for a cathodic protection system from the top of the walls of the Gatun Locks to valves in the main culverts. Using diamond core drills, the 3 inch x 56 foot holes were drilled so accurately, quickly, cleanly and quietly that the commission agreed to try the technique on the major retrofit of the Gatun Locks’ hydraulic system. PCC normally does its own maintenance work.

The contract was awarded to Concrete Coring Company. Phase one – stitch-drilling to create the slots in the three east chambers – started on January 18 under a tight 14 day schedule. Work was slowed by heavy rains and by shifts in the work schedule. About 1,000 men were working on the lock rehabilitation. Concrete Coring Company crews had to leapfrog around the lock floor to give PCC maintenance crews space to install the bulkhead forms.

But while slickers can protect against rain and fast footwork can ameliorate crowding, only brute force could get the drillers around the time-capsule surprises they found in the lock floor. While stitch-drilling, Concrete Coring Company crews started to hit steel rails in the lock floor’s concrete, which was supposedly not reinforced. The crews double-drilled around, and then burned out the rails.

Once drilling was completed, workers went into the culverts and broke off the base section, slung cables around the plugs and hoisted them out.

After phase one was finished, work stopped for two weeks to allow full ship traffic to resume. On phase two, on the west locks, work went much more smoothly. Concrete Coring Company used larger bits and brought in a few more laborers. They took only eight days to finish the 14 day job.

Concrete Coring Company drilled out 107 slots in the six lock chambers. Besides the bulkhead work, the PCC maintenance crew spruced up the lock’s massive miter gates and refurbished their sills. Cathodic protection systems installed on the new steel bullhead frames, and these systems – along with the bulkheads’ promise of easier maintenance – should keep traffic flowing smoothly through the canal for another 72 years.

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Millions of dollars’ worth of communications and other electronic equipment at risk. Two week time frame?

18 Openings 5’6” by 9’6”?
36 Floor openings 6’ by 10’?

Nine Story addition?
They called it a re-model for one of the largest communications center in the world. Concrete Coring Inc walked on the job, the men performed vertical and horizontal cuts using a 30 inch diameter DeBeers diamond segmented type saw blade which made it possible to cut a full depth of 12 inches of reinforced concrete. Using an electric 400 cycle wall saw gave Concrete Coring operator 1400 rpm’s, very little vibration, dust or noise because of the nature of the sensitive communication equipment that was housed in the building.

The 18 openings were for doorways the operators cut them at the exact size so there was no need for patching prior to framing for the remodel, how was all this accomplished?

Vertical cuts the width of the openings were made first, additional vertical cuts sawed between these lines. The horizontal cuts were started at floor level and the opening was then sawed into small blocks by making each succeeding cut 2 inches higher. After sawing was completed the blocks were easily removed, one at a time by means of a cable and a small electric winch, using hand carts to remove the blocks from the building the area was easily swept up leaving the floor undamaged.
The 36 floor openings were for an elevator shaft, they were cut using a high frequency electric slab saw. The power unit was a 20 hp 400 cycle electric motor that turned the 18 inch by .187 inch diamond blade at 1900 rpms. Concrete Coring Inc accomplished all of this in nine days allowing the General Contractor to stay well ahead of the scheduled re-model.

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Floor Grinding

For nearly 50 years the majority of floor grinding was done by scarifying or shot blasting machines, most floor grinding machines and equipment have looked and functioned the same. For those who still believe that these methods are the smartest way of machining a floor, it’s time to think again.

At Concrete Coring Company Arizona machines and tools have rigorously changed  using that mindset CCC has developed and purchased state of the art equipment for floor grinding which means that there is no longer any reason at all for continuing to use old-fashioned methods and equipment.

Award winning contractors who have employed Concrete Coring Company Arizona services save both time and money because they use state of the art equipment – Concrete Coring Company Arizona is leading the trend.


Works on all surfaces
Many areas of use
A flat surface can always be achieved
Close to edges
Low noise level and little dust

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concrete-coring-services-1Wall sawing, sometimes referred to as “track sawing”, can cut precisely plumb, level or beveled edges in shear walls, masonry walls, pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete and metal.

Concrete Coring Company commonly uses this versatile controlled demolition method to cut access-ways and breakthroughs for stairways, elevators, windows and doors, and to create crossovers for mechanical services and cabling.

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Fast, Flexible and Precise Saw Cutting 

slab-sawing-arizonaConcrete Coring Company Inc. provides a full range of non-explosive, non-destructive controlled sawing methods, including slab sawing, wall sawing and curb cutting. In the hands of our concrete cutting technicians, these techniques are valued for their speed, precision and jobsite flexibility.

  • SpeedConcrete Coring Company, can mobilize at a moment’s notice, set up quickly and accelerate production… we’ll complete your project on or ahead of schedule.
  • Precision: Our diamond cutting technologies ensure your selective sawing is performed to spec, no matter how exacting the tolerances.
  • Flexibility: With a variety of highly adaptable concrete and saw cutting tools, power sources and remote operations, Concrete Coring Company can overcome any jobsite requirements, including restricted space and limited access issues, dust-free and zero emissions restrictions, vibration restrictions and noise limits.

Slab Sawing 

IMG_0478Slab sawing, also known as flat sawing, floor sawing and road sawing, makes precision cuts in metal, steel-reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt and stone. Award winning general contractors, rely on our experienced technicians’ expertise to slab saw…

  • roads, runways and bridge decks for repair and reconstruction,
  • trenches in floors, monolithic slabs and foundations for mechanical services, and
  • breakthroughs in suspended slabs, elevated slabs, roofs and steel pan decking for structural alterations and additions.

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10Concrete Coring Inc. award winning general contractors and maintenance managers have come to know the speedprecision and flexibility of Concrete Coring Arizona, and our diamond core drilling service. They regularly turn to Concrete Coring Arizona for core drilling…

  • Walls, Ceilings and Concrete Slabs for Electrical Services, Plumbing, Cabling , Air Conditioning and HVAC, Post Tension Tendons, Recessed Lighting and Fixtures.
  • Box Culverts, Manholes’, Piping for Plumbing and Electrical Modifications.

 Fast Set-Up and High-Yield Production

Concrete Coring Arizona’s efficient procedures and highly-professional staff can quickly drill large quantities of holes in reinforced concrete, pre-cast concrete, asphalt, masonry and stone… you’re assured fast, quiet  problem-free service from start to finish.

Precision Drilling for Demanding Needs

Faced with a difficult concrete coring job?  At Concrete Coring Arizona we deliver smooth, clean, perfectly-sized holes that adhere to your tightest tolerances and exacting specifications. Armed with our precision core drilling rigs, our expert technicians can core drill holes of limitless size.

Flexible Concrete Coring for Tight Spaces, Occupied Places 

Concrete Coring Arizona drilling technicians regularly work in sensitive areas adjacent to fully-operational industrial plants, hotels, hospitals and healthcare facilities. We understand the value of working clean and treading softly. Plus, diamond core drilling units can easily fit into limited access also confined space job sites, and they operate free of vibration, noise, dust, fumes and exhaust.

Call us at 602.268.1439 or Toll Free 800.658.4160 or email us at info@concretecoringaz.com or fill out our free online project quote form.

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