About Us

core drillingIn 1961 Concrete Coring Company of Arizona found there was a need for a quieter, cleaner, solution for cutting concrete.

General contractors in the early years had no choice but to order a jack hammer to make necessary adjustments in building requirements and city ordinances. Not all applications would allow the use of a jack hammer. The noise and dirt associated with using a jack hammer is extreme. Concrete Coring Company of Arizona produced and built tools for all concrete cutting applications, we continue to build and invent state of the art equipment. Concrete Coring Company of Arizona were one of the first to offer self-contained trucks, state of the art equipment and tools used for Cutting, Sawing, and Grinding Concrete.

  • Using diamond blades our cutting techniques have been copied but never out performed.
  • At Concrete Coring Arizona we cut concrete, not corners.
  • Safety of our highly trained operators and customers is our number one priority!
  • As a result we maintain one of the best safety records in the industry.

We offer Established Expertise, our dedicated team is rigorously trained to handle any situation and the know-how to complete any job no matter how complex or time sensitive.

Reliable Results, from a clean, organized work site to performing work on-time as well as on-budget Concrete Coring Arizona consistently gets the job done with speed and accuracy. Over five decades Concrete Coring Arizona has built a solid reputation for providing high quality concrete cutting, coring, and sawing services.